Your team will love convenient access to NovoH2O's quality spring water in the office

Health experts recommend that people drink eight glasses of water every day. When on the job, it can be a challenge for employees to remember to drink water throughout the day, and before they know it they could be dehydrated which can affect their productivity and performance.

Dehydration can also lead to fatigue, confusion, headaches and lowered cognitive function. 
Our brains are 73% water so as soon as you start to feel dehydrated you will begin to lose focus and find it hard to concentrate and stay alert. In fact, being dehydrated by just 2% can see a drop in performance and memory skills.

Set your team up for success by equipping your office with a hot or cold water cooler. Your staff will love access to chilled water throughout the day, and hot water for tea, coffee, noodles and soup without waiting for the kettle.