Your team will appreciate having convenient access to NovoH2O’s naturally filtered spring water any time they like throughout the workday. Health experts recommend that people drink eight glasses of water every day. When on the job, it can be a challenge for employees to remember to drink enough water, and this quickly leads to unnoticed dehydration, which in turn results in decreased productivity and performance.

Our brains are 73% water, and dehydration causes us to feel fatigue, confusion, headaches and lowered cognitive function. By equipping your Sydney office with a decent water cooler and consistent supply of bottled natural spring water, you’ll keep your employees happy, healthy and hydrated.

Set your team up for success by equipping your office with a hot or cold water cooler from NovoH2O. Our dispensers have both ice-cold and boiling hot functions, so your staff can make themselves tea, coffee, noodles and soup during the workday, without waiting for the kettle.

Why invest in NovoH2O’s bottled water delivery service for your Sydney office?