Bottle Rack

Hire or Buy

NovoH2O bottle rack conveniently stores up to six 15L spring water bottles.

Available for hire at $22.00 p/a, or outright purchase. GST included.

We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint, so we deliver to specific suburbs on certain dates. Please click here to check delivery dates for your suburb.

Quality-Made Water Cooler Bottle Racks for Your Office

Quick turn around for water delivery is essential to NovoH2O, however we understand that bigger offices have a larger workforce that would have you ordering more water every week! 

Ensure your water is ready to go, and stock up to 90L of NovoH2O pure spring water with the convenience of the quality made bottle rack. Makes heavy lifting that little bit easier with space for up to six 15-litre bottles.

Rent or buy a water cooler bottle rack for your office

Available for At $20.00 a year or $100.00 outright. The slim design of the bottle rack ensures it occupies minimal space, and can easily be stored next to the water cooler. NovoH2O will deliver the bottle rack straight to your door, from our facility in Sydney NSW.