Spring Water Coolers in Sydney CBD & Surrounding Areas

Water coolers make it easy to always have ice-cold or boiling hot clean, fresh water on hand. Store ample amounts of water with convenient access whenever you want it, without having it consume fridge or pantry space.

Whether you’re after a water cooler for the kitchen at home, the break room at work, or in your office lobby for clients and customers to enjoy; our spring water cooler Sydney CBD solutions are a hassle-free way to stay hydrated at all times.

This is important (especially in the workplace), as just a 2% drop in hydration levels can have a huge negative impact on productivity. By investing in a quality-made water cooler, you can keep your employees happy and hydrated.

NovoH2O supplies dependable spring water coolers to Sydney homes and businesses

Every household is different. Likewise, no two workplaces are the same either. That’s why NovoH2O offers a diverse selection of water coolers in a variety of shapes, sizes and payment options to accommodate everyone’s unique needs.

Our benchtop water coolers are ideal for kitchen island benches at home, while our freestanding water coolers are better suited for break rooms and lobby areas. Choose between classic and contemporary styles to blend with the surrounding décor, and rent on a short/long-term contract or purchase outright.

A friendly and professional member of our team will come to your Sydney CBD location and install your new spring water cooler for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Once you’re all set up and good to go, ordering more water whenever you’re running low is as easy as submitting our convenient online form.

With over 2,000 satisfied clients trusting us with their spring water cooler supply needs in Sydney and surrounding areas, you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice with NovoH2O – we are a proudly family owned and operated business.

Your premier destination for residential and commercial spring water coolers in Sydney

If you choose to rent a water cooler rather than purchase one outright, you can enjoy peace of mind that NovoH2O provides regular maintenance and cleaning of your water cooler free of charge.

If there are ever any issues with any parts or components, we’ll dispatch our next available professional straight to your location to repair or replace the part, so that you and your household/employees enjoy uninterrupted access to pure, crisp, clean natural spring water.

Our water is sourced exclusively from the Peats Ridge area in the NSW Central Highlands. The area’s sandstone bedrock provides a fine natural filtration system, which results in the delicious and high-quality spring water that you’ll enjoy from our 15L bottles.

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