If you’re looking to arrange a filtered water cooler and regular spring water supply for your home or office in Sydney CBD, look no further than NovoH2O. We have years of experience supplying thousands of clients with premium quality natural spring water, along with reliable point of use water dispensers and other accessories like cups, stands and racks.

As a proudly Australian-owned and operated business, our team is committed to supplying Sydney households and businesses with the best quality water, quick turnaround and impeccable service at all times.

No workplace is complete without a well-made water cooler with ice-cold and boiling hot taps for coffee, tea and soup throughout the day. And why rely on water filter jugs at home when you can equip your kitchen with a benchtop water cooler stocked up with 100% natural spring water from the Peats Ridge area of the New South Wales Central Highlands?

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