Spring Water (12L One-Way) Pallet Buy

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75 x 12L bottles pallet.

These 12L bottles are water cooler friendly, BPA free and ready for single use requirements. Perfect for worksites, construction, travelling and recreational consumption.

Since 2003, our clients have been rejuvenated by the pristine and invigorating taste of our naturally sourced spring water. NovoH2O sources this water from the premium spring nestled at the foothills of Peats Ridge, just 80km north of Sydney. Our 12L bottles are affordably priced at just $13.00 (excluding GST) and fit neatly on your water cooler, ensuring convenient access to refreshing cold water for your family and employees on a daily basis.

Experience the distinction with NovoH2O. Our bottles can easily be used with other water coolers.

GST Free.

We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint, so we deliver to specific suburbs on certain dates. Please click here to check delivery dates for your suburb.