Contemporary Freestanding Water Cooler - Purchase Outright

Cool & Cold or Hot & Cold
Cup Holder


Purchase the water cooler unit outright, with a 24-month warranty.

NovoH2O's water coolers provide outstanding, great-tasting water sourced locally from Peats Ridge. The coolers are hassle-free, easy to maintain and use minimal space in your home or office. 

Our contemporary water coolers feature a sleek and modern design, and are available in both hot and cold, or cool and cold to suit your needs. 

At NovoH2O, we only use the best quality coolers and offer a 24-month warranty on the coolers purchased outright.

Call or contact us for a customised quote if you have more than one workplace.

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GST included.

Note: Purchase does not include spring water or water cooler accessories

Annual Hire option available

We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint, so we deliver to specific suburbs on certain dates. Please click here to check delivery dates for your suburb.