Premier Bottled Spring Water & Dispenser Supplies in Liverpool

If you need to provide your Liverpool home or office with a filtered water cooler and regular spring water supply, NovoH2O is the ideal choice. With years of experience in the industry, we have successfully supplied thousands of clients with premium-grade natural spring water, as well as a selection of other products such as point-of-use water dispensers, cups, stands and racks.

At NovoH2O, we take great pride in being an Australian-owned and operated business that provides exceptional service at all times. We make sure that our customers get only the best quality water in a timely fashion, while ensuring they receive courteous and friendly customer care. Whether it’s a single small order or bulk orders, we tailor each delivery to our customers’ specific needs. Furthermore, we understand the importance of sustainability and use eco-friendly practices wherever possible to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

No home or office is truly complete without a top of the range water cooler with two separate taps; one for providing ice-cold, and one for piping hot water - ideal for making coffee, tea and soup throughout the day. Why rely on time-consuming and often inconvenient water filter jugs when you can have a benchtop water cooler filled with 100% natural spring water from the beautiful Peats Ridge area of New South Wales Central Highlands?

Quality natural spring water, bottled locally and supplied to your door anywhere in Liverpool

At NovoH2O, we understand the importance of providing customers with a clean and pure water supply that is free from any additional compounds. That's why we source our water from an area where it has been naturally filtered without the need for any added preservatives or additives. Our state-of-the-art facility in Homebush allows us to bottle this pristine water and dispatch it to your doorstep as soon as you place your online order. 

Not only does NovoH2O have a crisp, fresh taste, but it also includes beneficial minerals that are essential for the optimal functioning of the body. To make sure that you can consume our product in complete safety, we use 100% recyclable materials and BPA-free packaging when bottling our water.

You don't have to worry about trips to the store anymore - when you need an extra dose of hydration in your Liverpool home or office, NovoH2O will be there to provide it. 

What sets us apart from other bottled waters is our commitment to quality control throughout every step of production, ensuring that only the best reaches your table. Through careful selection of raw materials and rigorous testing procedures, we are able to guarantee an exceptional product every time - one that is packed with essential minerals and tastes like no other on the market today.

NovoH2O supplies filtered water dispensers, office water coolers and other accessories in Liverpool

Equipping your home kitchen or office break room with quality drinking water products couldn't be simpler, with NovoH2O. We provide a wide range of options, fromfreestanding andbenchtop water coolers toclassic-style andcontemporary-style water filters - you can even findbottle racks,stands andcups for your convenience. For those who are looking for a more permanent solution, we provide the option to purchase items outright. But if you're looking for a more flexible arrangement, our short-term and long-term rental plans are also available.

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