Bench Top Bottled Water Cooler ($99 ex GST per year rental)

Rental Plan

$99 per year ($8.25 per month) ex GST all inclusive.

Includes equipment and installation

System guaranteed for life of rental

No minimum term

Free office “move”

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Price to Purchase

$277 ex GST including installation

2 year guarantee on equipment

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Bench Top Cooler Features & Benefits

Benchtop cooler

Flexible and can be installed on a bench top anywhere

Ideal for locations where floor space is limited

Low energy usage

Australian Made

Bench Top Cooler Models

Room temperature and Cold taps OR

Hot and Cold taps

Bench Top Cooler Colours


Dimensions & performance

Dimensions: 630H X 310W X 310D (mm) Add 400 H for the water bottle

Capacity: 1.8 litres cold water storage

Flow rate: 4.5/6.6 litres of cold water per hour