Installing your NovoH2O filtered water cooler is simple

Step 1


Choose where you want the
cooler located in your office or


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General office

Office Kitchen


Office Kitchen

Step 2


You help us fill out a floor plan

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Step 3


Our plumber comes out and installs it.


Tubing into back of cooler

Conduit into ceiling

"T" - piece

NovoH2O filter water cooler installations are neat, safe, long lasting and 100% compliant

We use only high quality, certified products and John Guest brand component parts for all our water filter system installations. For example, all NovoH2O filter systems include a proprietary brand stop-flood device. This device limits water flow to 10 liters in the event of the filter system being damaged or pulled away from its fittings by an unforeseen incident, ensuring a flooding event can never occur.

A flexible food-grade polypropylene tube is used to transport the water to your tap or water cooler wherever located. Where the tubing is exposed it will be covered by plastic conduit, providing a professional finish to your installation.

Skilled Staff

NovoH2O use only Gold Star licences plumbers for installation and removal of our systems. Plumbers are also used widely for periodic service checks on NovoH2O systems already installed.

Certified plumbing techniques and practises

Our installations meet or exceed certified plumbing techniques for safety and effectiveness

Neat Professional Finishes

Our water cooler installations feature a neat, professional finish that seeks to make the connecting tubing and plumbing invisible to the user of the system

See examples of Novo water cooler installations above.

At the time when a Novo system is ultimately removed there will be no trace that it was there.

Free Office “move”

Under our rental plan if your system ever needs to be re-located within your current premise or to another location this will be done free of charge.