Spring Water - Bulk Buy (11L Returnable Bottle) - Buy 10 or more for $11.00 per bottle

Love our 11L bottles of locally sourced natural spring water? With this offer, buy 10 or more bottles for only $11.00 per bottle.

Please note these bottles are for returning, resuing and redelivering.

Our naturally sourced spring water has been refreshing our clients with its pure and fresh taste since 2003. NovoH2O sources natural spring water from the premium spring at the foothills of Peats Range, just 80km north of Sydney. Our 11L reusable bottles feature a no-spill spike system to ensure your family and employees can enjoy convenient cold water on their day to day.

Sustainability and waste minimisation is in the forefront of NovoH2Os core values. Single use plastic bottles are a concept of the past as we have adopted a closed loop cycle for our 11L Spring Water bottles. The bottles are returned to our facility, they are then thoroughly cleaned, refilled and delivered to the future client.

GST Included.